Training & Development Grants

Who can Apply?

If you want to apply for a WTRNT Training & Development Grant you must be:

  • An individual
  • A female participant registered with TRNT and currently employed at a thoroughbred racing stable or working directly within the thoroughbred racing industry.
  • A NT Resident looking to support the industry for at least 3 years.

Who can’t apply

You cannot apply to receive a Training & Development Grant if you are:

  • a registered business or association
  • a trainer applying on behalf of an individual (however you can support an individual application)

How often can you apply?

Grant rounds will be open bi-annually in March and September each year.

Round 1 – closes on 31st March   

Round 2 – closes on 30th September

Applicants can only submit one application per grant round.

You can apply every round and each application will be assessed on merit and equity.

Special circumstances outside the rounds will be considered in the event of financial hardship, accident or injury or other special needs as the Grants sub-committee deems appropriate.

What you can apply for

WTRNT Training and Development Grants can be used to support training courses which contribute to qualifications that directly relate to working in the Thoroughbred Racing industry such as:

  • Course Registration or Enrolment fees
  • Books or equipment
  • Clothing or work supplies
  • Travel interstate for internships, examinations or practical experience
  • Other relevant costs as determined by the Grants sub-committee which will benefit career development within the thoroughbred racing industry within the NT.

How much can I apply for?

Eligible individuals can apply for amounts of up to $500 as a once off payment for travel and supplies or up to 50% of course enrolment fees.

Funding depends on budget availability and the relative merit of applications. There is no guarantee of ongoing funding.

How do I apply?

To apply for a WTRNT Training and Development Grant follow these steps.

Step 1. Fill in the Grant Application Form. [link to website]

Step 2. Attach any supporting documents.

Step 3. Submit your application.

You can submit your application by email or mail.

Secretary – Women in Thoroughbred Racing NT

GPO Box 3957
Darwin NT 0801


Supporting Documentation

Each Application will require a copy of all supporting documents relating to your request such as course information or enrolment form, quotations for travel or equipment or verification of other costs within your request.

Each Application must be supported by two (2) Referee letters supporting your request and the benefits to the Thoroughbred Racing Industry in the NT.

Acceptable Referees include: –

  • Registered Trainer
  • Registered Jockey
  • TRNT or ROANT members
  • VET Trainers or Teachers
  • Employers

Referees that are related to the applicant should be avoided if possible.

After you apply

A letter will be sent to your nominated email confirming your application has been received. Depending on the volume of applications received, this can take several days.

Once your application has been considered by the Grant sub-committee you will be advised of the outcome, this can take several weeks.

Is the grant acquitable?

Financial support is not acquitable, however acknowledgement of how the financial assistance was used to benefit your career would be appreciated.

Grants for education or course tuition fees will only receive ongoing financial support on the production of a Certificate of Attainment or Statement of Grades and the recipient will be requested to provide a report on how the financial support has benefited their inclusion within the industry.  In some cases, Grant Recipients may be asked to provide our members with summary of their achievements at one of our events.