Sue Ellen Biddiscombe Committee WTRNT

Committee Profile:

Name: Sue-Ellen Biddiscombe

Position Held: General Committee Member from March 2018

Occupation: Senior Operations Planner at INPEX LNG


How were your first introduced to Women in Thoroughbred Racing NT? 

I attended the Christmas Party in 2017 with a girlfriend.

Your favorite racing moment? 

My first syndicate share in the horse Rons Moss when it had its first win at the track.

What do you enjoy most about Racing in the NT?

The community of ladies who all have a love of racing and the passion to promote & support women in the racing industry. 

What is your favorite event over Darwin Cup Carnival?

The Ladies Luncheon – a fabulous event with inspirational and prestigious guest speakers. 

Ladies Day Luncheon in the Wood Lounge – always a great turnout and lots of fun.