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Margaret Halter

Margaret Halter

Margaret Halter

Racing personality

  • Place of Residence: 42 years in Darwin.
  • Occupation: Retired.
  • Family:  Husband, Bevan – jockey and trainer;
  • Daughters,  Aureole – trainer; and
  • Tayarn – jockey and trainer

Brief history of racing industry involvement:

  • Began riding trackwork while still at school.
  • Met husband Bevan Halter in 1967 Read more →

Lynne Williams

Lynne Williams trainer of Bridge Toyota Cup Winner Last Frontier

Member profile:

Successful Female Trainer

Place of Residence: 21 years in Darwin.

Occupation: Racehorse Trainer.

How were you first introduced to Thoroughbred racing?

I lived on a Dairy farm in Western Australia, Read more →

Kerry Petrick

I was born in Central Australia and raised on a cattle station, where I started riding pretty much when I could walk. We bred our own raceshorses on the station which first my grandfather, then my mother and uncle trained. Read more