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Ella Bache’

We would like to welcome Ella Bache’ Fannie Bay as our new Sponsor.

Ella Bache’ will be will be sponsoring Ladies Day and our WTRNT Darwin Cup Luncheon, we welcome Debby Bell and her team onboard.

TACITURN track work

Sexy Rexy has arrived

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WTRNT Committee for 2017

Your WTRNT Committee for 2017

Chairperson – Michelle Graham.   Vice Chairperson – Wendy Longuet  Treasurer – Michele Hogan              

Secretary – Wendy Watkinson

Committee Members – Lee Oliver, ( Public Officer)   Lou Croser, Faye Hartley and Louise De Bomford-Scott,Tracey Marris, Dianne Jarrett, Marilyn Harvey  Special Read more →